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Welcome to the website for our school. I believe this site will provide you with an image of who we are and what we do.


Luz International School is a home for about 300 students. It is a suitable environment for to develop a clear understanding of multicultural and multiracial diversity. We an educational institution which motivates and confronts students minds to be 21st Century global citizens who are collaborative, creative, confident, curious, empathetic, focused, resilient and self-assured.

In order to overcome these goals, LIS employs more than 40 highly qualified and experienced staff of different nationalities. They do offer also a wide range of extra-curricular activities which are essential for their abilities.

I look forward to meeting you in person when you plan a visit and see what LIS has to offer your child and your family. To conclude: LIS ensures that every learner learns how to light out their world.

Halina Ana Guina Salomão Sibindy Esmael


Luz International School is a school that was found in January 2012, having initially started with just Kindergarten, due to demand it was forced to introduce primary education and later secondary education. Luz International School has Cambridge education taught only in the kindergarten, and for primary and secondary education, it has 50% of national education and 50% of Cambridge education. It should be noted that when the school opened in the first phase we had mixed classes because at the time we had few students, but after the dissemination of our continuous work and dedication there was a great adherence to the services and thus the school grew.

  Today our enclosure has 3 buildings of 3 floors each, distributed by the 3 teaching groups that we have to highlight, Kindergarten, Primary and secondary school. We also have a very large gym and dance, ballet and music rooms. The cleric of Luz today has a universe of collaborators to highlight

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